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Bring James to your church, event, organization, or traing session

James' Testimony
God chooses what we go through. We choose how we go through it.


Hear James' incredible true life story of how he survived and has worked through tragedy in his life. Learn how he dealt with his tragedies. How did he get through them? Why did he struggle when bad times entered his life? What did he learn about himself and the world around him? And finally, what words of advice and inspiration does he leave with you.



You can purchase a copy of James' testimony on CD from our Store.

When Life Changes


All of us deal with changes in life – work, family, dynamics, health issues.How do we cope with these changes?

What should our response be?

Who can see us through these changes?

NEVER FORGET! The only constant in life is change

.NEVER FORGET! Just get back up...


Talks for Tough Times

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