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Become a Super Single Parent - "A Onesy in a Twosy World"

So you're a single parent. And you need help... 


For whatever reason your life as you know it has changed dramatically. But you're not alone. Being a single parent can be a rewarding and enlighting trip through life. Since you don't know how long you will be a single parent, it's best that you jump right in and become the very best single mom or single dad you can be. For your sake and also for your children's sake. Start earning your "SUPER Parent" patch today. You can do more than just survive. You can become a SUPER single parent today, one day at a time... You can do it. Trust yourself. You will do more than just survive. You will grow and become whole again. Others before you have and you will too. So let's get started.

When Life Changes

All of us deal with changes in life – work, family, dynamics, health issues.


How do we cope with these changes?

What should our response be?

Who can see us through these changes?


NEVER FORGET! The only constant in life is change.

NEVER FORGET! Just get back up...


The State of Marriage/Family Today

In Search of Biblical Marriage - God's Blueprint for Marriage


It's not a Family Tree anymore, It's a Family Forest...

Parents used to have lots of Children - Now Children have lots of Parents...


50% of all 1st marriages end in Divorce

60% of 2nd marriages end in Divorce

70% of 3rd marriages end in Divorce

53% of births are to Un-wed Mothers

40% are single parent households

7.6 million couples are Cohabitating

39.6 million children are raised by a single Mom

75% of all children in U.S will spend some time in a single parent home 



Talks for Single Parents

Becoming a Loving Blended Family

"Becoming a Loving Blended Family” is a Conference for helping Singles, Single Parents & already Blended Families better understand their future as a Loving Blended Family presented by JAMES CRUISE MINISTRIES. Where will your Love life lead you? Will you remain single for the rest of your life or will you marry and become a Blended Family? A first and second marriage are like apples and oranges. Nothing alike! 65% of second marriages end in divorce within 5 years. This conference will give you the resources and knowledge to successfully form a loving blended family for you, your spouse and the children that you bring with you into your new marriage. 


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