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Become a Super Single Parent Workbook

by James Cruise

The fact that you are viewing this page on our website means that you have already chosen to be a super single parent. This workbook will help you get back on the right track with your life.


Become a Super Single Parent Workbook is a great resource for any single parent living in any situation. 


Chapters are:

Chapter 1

Why Me? How Did I Get Here? Who Am I Now?

How to live through whatever brought you to your new situation


Chapter 2

Your Kids – Where Do They Fit in Now?

Seeing through their eyes - How to understand what your child is thinking, feeling and needing


Chapter 3

Managing & Living Your Life 24/7

How to still live your life to its fullest



You and Your Ex-Spouse - Caring Enough to Move Forward

Whether divorced, separated or widowed - it’s all about the kids now


Chapter 5

Your Kids – Raising Them as a Single Parent

Hard work, achievable and rewarding


Chapter 6

Your Future – Understanding Your Options

Whether staying single or marrying again - your future can be bright


Special Pages:

Single Parent's Pledge

Tear out Page: Carry with you Cards - Quotes

Tear out Page: Carry with you Cards - Scriptures



To order your copy, please go to our Store   


$10.00 + shipping and handling*

* Extra charge for orders outside of the U.S., please contact us for details.

Workbook Info

Workbook can also be used by your Small Group or Single Parent's Group

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