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What others are saying...

"James shared his story at our church. He did an outstanding job and our people were greatly
blessed. I highly recommend James Cruise as a guest speaker. He will simply give hope to those who are hurting."


Stan Buckley

Former Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church Jackson, MS - Executive Director BUT NOW Ministries

"James Cruise has written one of the first workbooks for single parents. I was thoroughly blessed by having the opportunity to review this wonderful workbook. His insight and passion for single parenting is beyond my knowledge of this ministry in the 15 years as Single Adult Consultant for the MBCB. He has brought a refreshing new approach to this ministry.
Glenn Shows
Mississippi Baptist Convention Board -  Consultant, Family Ministry & Adult Discipleship
"After not hearing all your story on WLBT, I went to web and read it (due to hearing impairment). I was touched by your testimony / story. I hope and Pray that God will use you in your ministry. Many people need to hear what you have to say and how God got you through all this crisis. Hang in there strong and be lessed."
"Our deep appreciation for his willingness to revisit these painful events, re-telling his story as he witnessed of God's presence and provisions to help others struggling with grief, single parenting, and other painful life experiences."
​"Thank you so very much for sharing how God has helped you deal with and accept the changes that have come into your life. God is using you to encourage others."


Gwen Jenkins

Singles Minister - First Baptist Church Jackson, MS 

​"You got the message so many of us can't quite grasp - that tragedy can build strength and courage - enough so that that strength and courage in turn can become a gift we can give back to help encourage and inspire those with less strength. Thanks. God Bless "
"I found this site by accident ( I thought it was my son's Facebook - same name ). I was absolutely stunned by what i read. I am a lazy believer ( I go to church for christenings/weddings and don't much think about it otherwise). After reading this it absolutely humbled me and I will read it again to remind myself how very unimportant the stress of life really is."

Jan Wirral, England

"This is amazing! I never heard your story told before. What a miracle of God working in your life. I am glad you are allowing God to use you in this ministry."        
"Kudos to you James for taking life's lemons and making lemonade."
Benjamin Crawford

To have James give his Testimony and Story at your event, worship service or meeting


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