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Welcome to James Cruise Ministries.

We’re a ministry for singles, single parents, stepfamilies & marriage

and all that goes along with them...

A place you’ll find encouragement, inspiration and resources. You’ll learn about connecting with single, single parent, stepfamily & marriage ministries, small groups & live upcoming events. We’re also a place for church leaders to learn about what these family types are all about and the resources to minister to them. But mostly, I hope you will learn

not only "how to survive, but thrive" no matter where you are in life.


We’re here to help. Look around our site. Use the resources.



What Biblical Love Is....

We have been lied to.

We have been sold a bill of goods as it

relates to love. And this is a problem!  

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40% of families are single parent led in the U.S. 

 Attitude is more important than circumstances

 "Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans."  John Lennon

 Life can still be good today, no matter what happened yesterday

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Become a Super Single Parent


" A Onsey in a Twosy World" - "Not Anymore"

Single Parents


Getting you Super about being a Single Parent is what we are all about. So, you’re a single parent and you need help...We can help! Your life as you know it has changed drastically. Let the process happen. Trust yourself. You can do it. You will survive. As others before you have...Let us become your Survival Guide as a Single Parent. Helping you not only to survive, but to also thrive as a single parent.  

Marriage / Family


Incredible as it may seem, we can no longer assume that people in our culture understand what the proper definition of "marriage" and "the family" is. Especially Biblical marriage. Today, marriage and the family are regularly viewed as social conveniences that can be entered into and severed by the marital partners at will. Instead, Scripture teaches that family was God's idea and that marriage is a divine, not merely human, institution.

Tough Times


Difficult times and tragedy are part of life. Everyone's life! We are shaken to our very core. In difficult times we find out who we really are, what we really believe in and how strong our faith in God really is. Tragedy is a defining moment in our lives. It's not the tragic event that's important in our lives. What's important is what we do after that tragedy happens in our lives. Where we look to for our direction and help. 

Church Leaders


Churches and faith-based organizations are called to be a place of encouragement and support in this world. JAMES CRUISE Ministries is committed to assisting churches and community leaders with ways to minister to the needs of single parents and their children. We can work with your church, organization or a group of churches in your town or area to host one-time single parent events or to work with you, your leadership staff or your leadership volunteers.

Books of the Month
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           Take charge of your own situation...

They say that to become an expert on any subject you just need to read 3 books on that particular subject. The average book is 275 pages. It takes about 3 minutes to read a page. That means you can read a new book in 3 months. That's 3 books a year, and you can still take off 3 months in a year. What are you waiting for! Get to it and become an expert on your particular situation...   

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Recommended Reading List 



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